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Lodewyk Davis Takes a Break from his Studies to Work at MacFarlane Pheasants

On August 7, 2018 in Archive by MacFarlane Staff

Lodewyk Davis has been in the United States, working at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. since March 7, 2018. He came here on a work visa from Richards Bay, South Africa. Richards Bay is situated on the Mhiatuze River. It has one of the country’s largest harbors and is the deepest natural harbor in the Southern hemisphere! Lodewyk says his home is close to the ocean and the subtropical climate is quite different from Wisconsin. Lodewyk describes our seasonal changes as “quite dramatic, in comparison.”


But, Lodewyk did not come here to see the climate change, He left his family, which includes a mom, dad, and brother to experience a different way of life. He enjoys the break away from his home, seeing a different part of the world, and having an opportunity to work at MacFarlane Pheasants.


Lodewyk is one of the guys who pick the thousands of pheasant eggs produced on our farm. He has really enjoyed learning the different pheasant species and their laying habits. He is hoping to learn all aspect of the pheasant business, from start to finish, before returning home in 10 months.


Some Fun Facts About Lodewyk


•   He plays rugby in South Africa.

•   He wants to drive a snowmobile and go hunting while he is in Janesville.

•   His favorite food is burgers.

•   He prepares most of his own food here (mostly steak and chicken).

•   He credits his friend, Len Noort, with helping him adjust to his work and life in Janesville.


Thank you, Lodewyk, for taking a risk and joining the MacFarlane Pheasant team for part of your year.

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