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Just a few thoughts

On January 21, 2010 in General by spope

On a positive note, we have 55 paid participants already signed up to attend our seminar. That is just an awesome number – as we historically have had 10 – 20 people sign up in the month prior to the seminar. I am so pumped about it.

I read in the paper this week that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is planning on building a new pheasant hatchery at Poynette. I understand that the State plans on continuing to hatch about 200,000 pheasant chicks a year. The paper said the preliminary budget for the hatchery was one million dollars. Years ago, many States had game farms and hatched pheasants. Today, there are only a handful of states that are still in the pheasant business. Certainly in Wisconsin, it’s a positive for the State to stock public hunting grounds with pheasants, as it promotes pheasant hunting. But I am pondering the one million dollar expenditure for a hatchery that would hatch the number of pheasants we hatch here in two weeks. We have always been a friend to the managers of the Wisconsin State Game Farm and we want to continue to be their friends. I want to find out more about the process of how the decision was made to build a new hatchery vs. perhaps outsourcing the pheasant chicks needed.

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