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On December 3, 2009 in General by spope

It’s snowing.  We have been watering 100,000+ pheasants this week – what a job.  It’s supposed to snow 3” – 5” tonight.  The guys are leery of the pens going down again, so they went ahead and put all 100 acres down (putting pens down means lifting up and then tilting the 2”X4” prop posts we have in the centers of all our pens – then allowing the netting to rest on the cover in the pen).  Once it’s snows (and if the snow stays) we won’t have to water. 

I still can’t figure the market for pheasants.  Most years by now I can tell if there are excess birds or a shortage.  I just don’t know where the market stands.  Most producers are holding any excess they might have quite tightly – in the event their customers need the birds.  I certainly would think we all will know if there is excess supply or a short market by the 1st of January.

Fresh Wisconsin Snow

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