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On July 14, 2010 in General by spope

The temperature has reached nearly 90 degrees – which for us is hot!  Surprisingly it hasn’t rained here for nearly 3 weeks, so after a much wetter than normal May and June – it is really dry. 

As recently as July 3rd, our breeder flock was producing over 7,000 eggs a day.   Now just 10 days later our July 13th collection was just over 3,000 eggs.  The hens are just saying “we’re done”. 

 We have just 5 more weeks of hatching and the regular hatching season will be done.  The chick order calls we have been receiving are for larger quantities – the calls are coming from commercial farms now.  I’m sure the heat has cut into most everyone’s egg production predictions for late June and early July – so we are getting calls from farms that produce most of their own chicks – needing chicks from us to fill up their barns for the last fill.

 We have nearly all the chicks we are going to produce in the next five weeks sold, and I anticipate we’ll be “sold out” for the season in the next few days.  It’s a good feeling to have orders for everything – and not have to struggle to sell.

 A couple of years ago we re-entered the started bird business, and each year we’ve sold more 6 week old pheasants.  This year we’ve sold over 17,000 started pheasants – it’s going well.    We run google analytics on our webpage and we track the path visitors to our webpage travel.  From the homepage there are a myriad of ways to go.  What we find interesting is the 4th most popular page that people visit from our homepage is the started bird prices page – this shows how much interest there is.

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