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Important Chores For the Summer Months

On June 22, 2017 in General by spope

We are very busy this time of year at MacFarlane Pheasants. Two of the big jobs we do in spring and summer are mowing and keeping the farm picked up. We do both of these jobs for aesthetics and some very important health and safety reasons. Keeping the farm picked up is, in fact, a year round chore, but much easier in the spring and summer when we don’t have to fight the weather. Pride in our farm is always a focus, but the health and safety of our game birds is a priority.

Mowing Around the Pen and in the Lane 

  • Mowing keeps rodents and predators away from our birds.
  • Mowing allows us to easily see holes in the perimeter fence.
  • Mowing the lane makes it easier to drive birds down the lane to catch pens.
  • Mowing gives us a great view from the roadside when doing our daily farm checks. 

Keeping the Farm Picked Up 

  • Keeping old feed, etc., picked up keeps rodents away.
  • Organization means our care of the birds is more efficient.
  • Keeping the farm picked up minimizes equipment breakdown (flat tires, and damaging mowers from mowing over debris). 

We hope you will feel free to contact us with questions about our farm or about raising game birds. We are never too busy to help. Have questions about your game birds? We can help. Whether you have questions about breeding, raising, feed or anything else, our experts are available to help. Just post your questions online at Game Bird Forum and we'll give you advice. Visit online today at












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