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On April 21, 2014 in General by spope

Avian Influenza is a virus that can quickly wreak havoc on a flock if not managed carefully. Symptoms can include swelling of the head, lack of energy or appetite, decreased egg production or even death. With our high production rates season after season, we take every precaution to ward of this illness.

This starts with our farm layout. Our Breeder Farm, Hatchery, and Grow Out Farms are located as much as a mile apart from each other to reduce the risk of disease transmission via the birds or equipment. We use game bird netting as a humane means of protection. This prevents our birds from interacting with wildlife and possibly contracting the disease.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, eggs are collected from the Breeder Farm anywhere between 4 and 5 times a day. Each egg goes through a special cleaner and disinfectant prior to being placed in flats and transferred to the Hatchery. This process not only prevents the Avian Influenza, but it also helps to fight off E Coli.

We also take extra care when it comes to the sanitation of our houses. In between every flock, they are not only cleaned and sanitized, but they also remain empty for a period of time. New bedding is laid fresh and focus is put on creating a stress free environment. This combined with a fortified diet increases our birds’ immune systems, which is yet another weapon against the Avian Influenza.

The National Poultry Improvement Plan includes regular testing for AI (Avian Influenza). Blood draws are supposed to be submitted every 180 days. We perform draws every 90 days as part of our higher standards policies.

We work hard on our farm to take every precaution against AI. It is our goal to provide our customers with healthy, high quality birds that are raised with above standard care.
How We Prevent Avian Influenza

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