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Hen Barn Update May 2017

On May 12, 2017 in Barns by spope

We let you know in February 2017 that construction had started on a new building on MacFarlane Pheasants. We are excited to report that our new hen barn construction has been completed. The electricians are working to complete their role in this project and cages that are a part of the facility have arrived in port from Germany. The benefit to this expansion is that by November of this year our dressed bird production will be significantly expanded.

White Pheasants are raised exclusively for dressed meat that is sold through our distributors to restaurants and grocery stores. They are sold to the general public directly from our retail store and online store. The new hen barn will expand our business significantly as we expect the 3000 laying hens, the barn will accommodate, to translate to the production of 12,000 eggs per week.

We hope you will visit our store at 2821 South US HWY 51, Janesville, WI USA 53546, when you are in the area, and consider a virtual tour to see a hen barn in action.


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