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Harvest Moon

On November 2, 2009 in General by spope

Last night there was the most awesome full moon.  The air was crisp, and there was virtually no wind.  We moved out the very last of the last hatch yesterday, and though it was cold – the lack of wind meant the birds were not going to get stressed.  A year ago, right during the first two weeks of November, pheasant deliveries shut down just like a light switch was switched off.  It was awful.  Our 30 day weather forecast for the Upper Midwest doesn’t show any significant precipitation (e.g. SNOW!!) and life is good.  We are very busy delivering birds and we have no indication that the business will falter like it did last year.    

The attached picture is of the moon rising over our pen #2 (a new pen – located on our main farm).  Pic credit to Brian Klein (our pen manager).



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