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Getting on the “Bus”

On September 29, 2009 in General by spope

We are shipping a lot of birds, but we still have frustrations.  We have had a couple of orders of mature pheasants get delivered, and the terms were COD, and the customer tells our driver they don’t have a check – and what are our drivers to do.  Our drivers are hundreds of miles away from our farm and can’t bring the birds back home.  So we leave the birds and just hope we’ll get paid.  On the dressed bird end, we had one of our largest customers call and say they wanted to cancel their order (a significant sized order).  I think we staved off that cancellation – but we really have to work to make this operation move forward.   Here on the farm, I think more than ever – our employees are “on my bus”, i.e. I think our employees share our vision for where this farm is going.  I am so proud of our employees – we really have a great team.

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