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Game Birds Bring People Together

On April 29, 2016 in General by spope

Bill MacFarlane, the owner of MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc., is a proud member of the North American Game Bird Association (NAGA). The association is important to the many hundreds of game bird producers and hunting preserve operators in North America.  Bill, like his father and uncle before him, values the opportunity to work together with other game bird producers and hunting preserve operators to preserve the long tradition of responsible use of the environment.

NAGA’s mission is to protect, promote, and sustain a positive environment for game bird producers and hunting preserve operators. Their activism is influential in bringing game bird people together to preserve wildlife in rural America, prevent disease in the game bird populations, and develop plans for environmental management. They also provide education, public awareness and influence legislation that is a benefit to the game bird business and the environment.

Bill enjoys the yearly conference, provided by NAGA, for game bird owners and producers. It is an excellent opportunity to network with others in the business and also to hear about all the latest topics affecting all of them. “There is strength in numbers,” Bill says.  “I like working with others to protect our birds from disease, provide scholarships for post high school education, protect the environment and influence political concerns that affect the game bird business.”  Thanks to NAGA we have the opportunity to do all of these!


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