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Filament Designs "Pheasant For Dinner" Website And Wins Merit Award at NAMA



 Wins Filament the Merit Award!

Filament  is the company that designed our Pheasant For Dinner Website, and they were recently recognized with a merit award for the design by the National Agri-Marketing Business Association (NAMA).  Filament belongs to The National Agri-Marketing Business Association (NAMA), the nation’s largest professional association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness. 

How to Get Customers Hungry for Pheasant?

Filament, who designed our website, is a full-service strategic marketing agency for businesses within the agricultural industry. They focus on strategy, advertising, creative design, production, branding, and reputation management. It was fun talking to Breinne Hendrickson, Marketing Manager at Filament, about the steps it took to design the Pheasant For Dinner Website for MacFarlane Pheasants. Here are just a few of the ideas for redesigning the website that Breinne shared.


  • Our mindset was to design a website that made the reader think, "I want to serve my loved ones pheasant for dinner!"

  • The goal of developing a new website for MacFarlane Pheasants was to generate more pheasant meat sales and to elevate the look and feel of the Pheasant For Dinner brand. Located in small-town Wisconsin, MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. hatches, raises, and harvests their high-quality meat birds from start to finish. Reaching consumers through cruise ship catering or picking up your favorite cuts from their on-farm store, the brand serves a wide variety of tasters who want to feel a part of the community while shopping for their next pheasant protein.

  • It was essential that we improve the customer’s journey to checking out. Once on the website, visitors are welcomed with information on how pheasant meat can benefit their diet and direct links to some of MacFarlane’s most popular cuts. If this doesn’t send visitors straight to the shopping cart, there are also resources describing the history of their farm and recipes on how to best prepare pheasant — making MacFarlane Pheasants the consumer’s partner to delicious protein.

Benefits of a Great Agriculture Website

Now you may be wondering how the Pheasant For Dinner website was special enough to receive this recognition. In order to win this meet award, the website developers had to solve a challenge or create an opportunity. Filament employees created an opportunity. They branded MacFarlane Pheasants as classy, versatile, approachable, and a leader in the market. (All true, I might add.) The opportunity for Filament was to redo the outdated website to accurately tell the Pheasant For Dinner story and drive the purchase of MacFarlane Pheasants’ quality meat. Not only did it need to look good, but it also needed to work and simplify the key point of visitors coming to the page — to purchase pheasant and make it part of their weekly meals.

  • There have been:

    • More active users in the short time the new website has been live, compared to the same increment of time when the old site was live.

    • More sessions, users, and page views within a 15-day increment of being live compared to a 15-day increment when the old site was live. There were also more people exploring past the first page of the website.

    • More new visitors with higher revenue over an extended period of time.

Lastly, sharing why we have enjoyed working with Filament for our Pheasant For Dinner website is essential . They have such a great attitude about their work and strive for excellence! Let me share their comment about this award: "From photography to copy to back-end design, Filament enjoyed designing this website. It was a highlight of many for the year, and we’re grateful MacFarlane Pheasants partnered with us on it."

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