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On February 15, 2011 in General by spope

Until yesterday, I don’t believe the temperature here has risen above the freezing mark for two months. We had about 12″ of snow cover (with 5′ drifts) – but after two days of 40 degree weather – you can see the dirt in the fields. The snow cover was substantial enough to really put a crimp in preserve hunting over the past few weeks. In addition, having our beloved Packers make their playoff run culminating in their win in the Super Bowl was fantastic – but again hunters stayed home from the preserves to watch the games.

Now that the football season is over and we have had the warming trend, we immediately have felt the effect – i.e. we are delivering lot’s more birds this week to area preserves. We have 45,000 mature pheasants in the pens still to deliver in the next 60 days – so it’s going to be busy here.

In addition to being at the end of the mature season – we have eggs in the incubators already – with our first hatch scheduled for Tuesday March 1st. Let’s hope that winter is over and the warm weather is here to stay.

  View of the Thaw At Our Noss Road Farm

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