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Dressed Bird Business Continues to Expand

On January 30, 2017 in Dressed by spope

Our Food Division at MacFarlane Pheasants has expanded over the past year. New opportunities became possible after we became USDA certified in 2015. This verification was a long process, but resulted in our ability to sell our pheasant products all over the world!

In addition to sales all over the United States, through our distributors, Harris Teeter, Burris Logistics, and Lipari Foods, we export to Canada and Japan. Recently, we sent pheasant product samples to Qatar, in the Middle East, and we hope they will love our dressed pheasant and decide to place an order. We are always looking for new international sources for our dressed birds. We are delighted that our Made in America pheasant food products are being exported to other countries.

The bulk of our dressed birds, in the United States, go through our major distributors. Our pheasant is then distributed to grocery stores and restaurants all over the country. Our products are reaching Sprouts in the west and southwest, and Whole Foods all over the United States.

Sales have been so great in the last year that we made a major decision to build a new hen barn for White Pheasants. We expect our barn to be completed by this spring. Watch for an article with pictures about this project at

Rachel Atherton at [email protected] works with our distributors all over the world and “expansion” of our dressed bird business is a priority in her job. Growth in each of our divisions is one of the many reasons MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. has been in business for 87 years.





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