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Customer Service at MacFarlane Pheasants. Inc. is Outstanding

On October 17, 2017 in General by spope

We have five talented people in our office at MacFarlane Pheasants. Their backgrounds are as diverse as the colleges they attended. They are experienced, educated and dedicated to outstanding customer service.

Sarah Pope is the General Manager in our office and is responsible for Human Resources. She has a degree from the University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse in Political Science. Her agricultural background led her to MacFarlane Pheasants.

Rachel Atherton is the Global Marketing Director and also keeps all our systems running with her Information Technology skills. She has a degree in International Business from Monmouth College in Illinois. Her education serves her well in the global marketplace where MacFarlane pheasants are sold.

April Goble is our Chick Coordinator. She handles all major chick customers and their accounts. She also gets all paperwork ready for the hatchery to assure that the chicks arrive safely to each customer. April graduated from Blackhawk Technical School with a degree in Criminal Justice. Her love of the outdoors (hunting and fishing) brought her to MacFarlane Pheasants. 

Karina Rangel is our Administrative Assistant. She helps in every department as needed. She is very versatile. Two of her main duties are to keep our retail store stocked and help customers find what they want. She is also bilingual and assists us with customer service and employee needs. Karina attended San Diego University for one year before moving into the work world. She worked as a marketing manager and a dental assistant, before moving to Wisconsin and working in our office. She enjoys getting to know people and is well suited for this job. 

Sarah Baker is our Mature Game Bird Coordinator. She handles all the shipments of mature birds and works with customers to assure that they get their birds ordered and delivered when they want them. She handles day to day office “stuff” to keep everything running smoothly. Sarah attended Carroll College and has a BS in Biology with an emphasis in animal behavior and two minors (Physiology and Small Business Management).


Always feel free to call our office at 608-757-7881. Our staff is prepared to help you with any of your pheasant or other game bird needs.


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