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Conserving Natural Resources at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

On August 31, 2018 in Conservation Efforts by MacFarlane Staff


In 1999 we received Rock County’s award for outstanding conservation efforts. Outstanding conservation awards go to those farmers who complete 90 percent of their conservation plans. Today, MacFarlane Pheasants continues its dedication to preserving our earth’s natural resources.  It is one of our core values.


We currently have 35 acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) provides technical and financial assistance to eligible farmers and ranchers to address soil, water, and related natural resource concerns on their lands in an environmentally beneficial and cost-effective manner.


The Conservation Reserve Program reduces soil erosion, protects the Nation's ability to produce food and fiber, reduces sedimentation in streams and lakes, improves water quality, establishes wildlife habitat, and enhances forest and wetland resources. It encourages farmers to convert highly erodible cropland, or other environmentally sensitive acreage, to vegetative cover, such as tame or native grasses, wildlife plantings, trees, filter strips, or riparian buffers.


We are very careful with pen tillage so that we prevent soil erosion from rain waters. Washouts can wash away our rich topsoil. It takes about 10,000 years for nature to create one inch of good topsoil!  According to the USDA’s Conservation Service and Farm Services Agency, US farmers have reduced average soil erosion by nearly 50% since the 1960’s. We are proud to be among those farmers who make conservation a priority.


Some of our conservation efforts include:


-Tillage for the pens is carefully looked after so there is no soil erosion with rain waters. If waters wash out the soil it will ruin the plants’ root base for growth and take away the nutrients needed to grow.


-When we clean out barns, the bedding from inside is taken to a compost pile that is turned and reused by a nearby farmer to help his crops.


-The water used on the farm is well water which is great because chemicals are not introduced into the water system.


-The ANNE water system we use does not require wiring or electricity to operate.


-Once the cover in pens is done for the year, it is cut and tilled into the soil so the nutrients are re-used for plant growth during the next growing season, eliminating the use of fertilizer.

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