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Communication is the Key to a Successful Mature Bird Season

On March 23, 2021 in General by spope

We added a new position at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. in August of 2020 to ensure that mature birds’ delivery from our pheasant farm runs flawlessly. Brian Davis was assigned the role of liaison. His role revolves around planning and communication, quality control, and organization.

Our office staff starts the planning process by developing the list of “what needs to happen.” Communication is the key to success. Once the initial plan is developed, farm managers meet with office staff to communicate how we initiate the plan for the year, who will be responsible for each component, and where the plans will be carried out. Though Janesville, WI is our main farm’s location, we raise birds at other locations also, so this involves lots of planning and communicating!

The next step is making sure we will be raising enough high-quality birds to fulfill our orders. Once the plan for the year is established, we establish our goals for the execution of the plan. This part of the plan includes ensuring all parties are clear about what needs to be done and what their individual and collective roles involve.

Once the tasks are in process, Brian is responsible for double-checking with all of the involved staff to make sure nothing came up that interfered with the plan’s execution. He may need to call the team back together to solve any concerns that came up during the plan’s implementation.

Brian’s description of the process is as follows, “Sarah Baker sets up the customer orders, Chris makes the trip plans, Keagan schedules the drivers, Process crew catches the birds, and if we need more help, we talk to Troy to borrow some of his staff for the day.  I get the bird numbers needed, check quality, and decide where they will come from, and make a map for the drivers to follow on delivery to ensure correct birds and counts go to each customer.  Then I help plan the catch and organize staffing to make sure it is done in the most efficient way possible.  When the truck gets loaded according to the map, I go over the map with the drivers and check over the load to make sure the quality is met, loading is correct, and everything is communicated to the drivers. I also check to make sure everything looks the best it can (truck is clean, hand truck is loaded, birds are loaded) as we planned it. We want everyone to have clear expectations, including the employees involved and the customers.  We want to eliminate surprises throughout our processes and make sure we are as efficient as possible.”

We have tremendously talented staff members at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.  They understand the importance of their roles and the importance of solid plans, including checking and double-checking every step in the process involved in getting our birds from the farm to our customers.

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