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We’re Raising Huns Again

On December 31, 2012 in General by spope

We started raising Hungarian partridges around 1990. Hungarians are called Huns in the U.S. and are called grey-legged partridges in the U.K. and France. We purchased the eggs from Papsoes Wiltfarm in Denmark Read More »


On December 5, 2012 in General by spope

One of our core values at our farm is stewardship of the earth. It is an inevitable fact of life that, as a commercial pheasant farm, we will produce some dead pheasants here. And the dead pheasants need to be disposed of in some manner. Read More »

Regrowth Tails

On October 25, 2012 in Mature Birds by spope

We know what management protocols generally work for the top quality of raising pheasants. We know the density (sq. ft. per bird), the feeder space and waterer space per bird Read More »

Going Green

On September 15, 2012 in General by spope

As the farm has expanded, sometimes getting from one worksite to the next can be time consuming (if one walks) or can be inefficient (such as taking a van, or a pickup truck just a few hundred yards). Read More »

We’ve begun delivering our mature pheasants and partridges. Our season will run into mid April 2013. Last week we shipped our first ever full load of 7500 French Redleg partridges. Read More »

The severe drought that is gripping the U.S. affects the gamebird industry in a number of ways. The biggest impact is of course on the price of feed. As corn as shot up in price to nearly $8/bushel and soybeans to $17/bushel, the price of a ton of 20% pheasant grower has increased over $100 a ton in the past 2 months. Read More »

The heat (and the accompanying drought) has dramatically affected our farm. One of the biggest effects is on our employees as most of our work here is outdoors. The heat makes many normal tasks much more difficult. Read More »

Yesterday the sky turned black and rain seemed imminent. We looked online for the radar images and we found a storm heading right towards our farm. We haven’t had a significant rainfall in about six weeks, so we were praying for rain. Then the sky started churning and I saw clouds like I’ve never seen before. But it all fizzled and we didn’t get any rain at all. Read More »