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Biosecurity Precautions

On June 9, 2015 in General by spope

Although birds by nature have a hardy constitution, and we breed them and raise them that way, it still makes sense to take as many precautions as we can to insure their health.

At MacFarlane Pheasants we taken pride in our high level of biosecurity. Barns, pens, hatcheries and brooding facilities are cleaned and disinfected. Employees take precautions moving in and out of facilities.

The farm is a busy place, employees are driving in and out, farmers who work the fields around the pens come and go, vendors and delivery people drop in and move on. It makes sense we’d add a level of security to stop organic matter from moving into the farm, and the biggest way particles and material from outside moves in – is on the tires of the vehicles that roll through the farm.

At the main gate we now have a system to rinse and disinfect the tires of all vehicles entering the premises. A split spigot and a Dosatron proportioner mix water and disinfectant – we use Virocid - through one hose that goes out to the main gate. We have a self-retracting water hose reel, and a low pressure wand and every tire gets a wash down. Seventy feet of hose means it will reach around even a semi truck.

It takes less than five minutes to rinse down the tires of any vehicle coming through the gates. Employees going through one time or five times, stop and wash their tires on the blacktop and then drive into the farm. Truck drivers, delivery people – they all wash their tires and no one seems to mind it.

The set-up cost about $300, but the peace of mind that it provides to MacFarlane Pheasants is priceless.biosecurity precautions








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