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On December 3, 2014 in General by spope

We row cropped our land for fifty years, raising mostly corn and beans, and until the early 1980’s using the harvested corn and beans in our feed we mixed ourselves. We transitioned into buying complete pelleted feed in the mid 80’s, but continued to cash crop our land, and even rented more land to farm. At our peak in the late 90’s we were raising 1100 acres/year of corn and beans. We have very sandy ground, and coupled with the growth of our pheasant business, we made the decision in 2001 to end cash cropping. A local farmer, Jason Henschler, rented our crop land and no tilled corn, beans, and wheat for the past 12 years. But Jason opted to let our land go (remember my sandy comment) and we had a decision for the 2014 crop year what to do with our crop land. We chose to hire a custom crop guy, Mike Henning, who planted our corn and our soybeans. So 2014 was our first year back into the cash crop arena, and we did quite well. Our corn averaged 150 bu/acre and our soybeans averaged nearly 50 bu/acre. We priced about 50% of our expected production before the prices rolled back. So we’re sticking with our decision to be back in the crop business for the 2015 season.


Back In The Cash Crop Business Back In The Cash Crop Business

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