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At MacFarlane Pheasants, we pride ourselves on growth and innovation. Recently, we completed a significant expansion with the construction of 16 acres of new pheasant pens. Read More »

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Here's an in-depth look at how we manage to ship chicks during cold weather and the precautions we take to ensure their safe arrival. Read More »

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This post details our carefully crafted process for preparing our barns and pens each season for new pheasants while considering biosecurity, safety, and efficiency. Read More »

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MacFarlane Pheasants is thrilled to announce the 3rd Annual NAGA Hunting Club Conference, from July 15 to 17, 2024, at the Best Western Plus Ramkota in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Read More »

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MacFarlane Pheasants is in the process of selling our division of white birds, which includes and, to an already-arranged buyer. This decision has been made after careful consideration and evaluation of strategic options for the future of our company. Read More »

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Would you like to learn MacFarlane pheasant recipes from a Master Chef? Bill MacFarlane, Sarah Pope, and Chris Theisen had the opportunity to enjoy watching Chef Alfonso Contrisciani and his assistant Chef Otto Borsich prepare pheasant at the NAGA Convention for the second year in a row. Chef Alfonso loves to work with quality pheasant. He made our day when he said, “Working with a premium product like MacFarlane Pheasant definitely made my job easy. They are the finest pheasants I ever worked with.” Be prepared to learn more about these highly experienced chefs and to see some recipes that will astonish you! Read More »

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MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. raises nearly two million chicks each year. We produce a wide range of chicks, including Hungarian Partridges, Red Leg Partridges, Kansas Ringneck, Manchurian Redneck Cross, Melanistic Mutants, Chinese Rednecks, the Extra Large Ringneck, and our White Meat Pheasants. Many of our chicks stay on the farm and are raised to maturity by the brooder department, but many other day-old chicks are shipped to our customers. Our hatchery employees pride themselves on providing high quality chicks through meticulous care of our eggs and facility. There are consistent guidelines in place for cleanliness and efficacy at the hatchery. The policies guarantee that healthy chicks are shipped to customers on time and in good health. We sanitize the entire hatchery weekly. Culture plates from each hatcher are incubated to check for bacteria. Since we do not vaccinate our chicks, it is of utmost importance that the chicks are not exposed to bacteria or diseases before they start their lives! Read More »

Our Food Products’ Department is an essential component of MacFarlane Pheasants. Our customers enjoy whole pheasants, pheasant sticks, pheasant brats, marinated pheasant breasts, pheasant pot pies, and many other delicious pheasant products. In addition, we have ground buffalo, ground ostrich, and quail. Shayne Noller is the Director of Food Products, and he was excited to share some of the recent staff additions and upcoming changes to that division. Read More »

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