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On October 12, 2010 in General by spope

I’ve experienced my current feeling many times – usually in September or October.  My feelings are that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – and that the rainbow ends at our farm.  The feeling originates from the rush one gets from reaping the harvest – the product of all our labor is tangible.   The birds are flowing out the door – we can hardly keep up with the demand.

The downside to this is we always come back to reality.  Sometimes it’s an early winter storm in the Dakota’s that puts a dramatic end to the pheasant hunting season out there.  Last year it was the December 9th storm that devastated our farm and other gamebird farms throughout the upper Midwest.  

But it’s nice to revel in the feeling of accomplishment – and not let the feeling get tainted or diminished by the prospect of doom and gloom.  Maybe this will be the turnaround year – the year there won’t be an early snowfall out West.  We have had a string of dry warm days – so many in a row I can’t estimate accurately – has it been 20 days with out rain and primarily 80+ degree days – is it really October?

Because of the string of warm dry days our pen crew has been able to move outside all but the last few hatches of pheasants.  Brian Klein (our pen manager) reports that his crew has moved out 24,000 pheasants in the past two weeks – with virtually no pen loss whatsoever.  Brian told me that he had 12,000 pheasants yet to move out – and his goal is to get them all out by the end of this week. 

By mid December it will all be behind us and we’ll know the outcome.  I am commited to remaining positive – that this will be the turnaround year. 


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