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On January 2, 2010 in General by spope

We’ve been through the heavy wet snow, and we’ve seen the ice – now its bitter cold. The temperature here right now (10 am Saturday morning) is 0 degrees. The pens are back up again – with new 2”X4” prop poles. We have just a few employees here today – taking care of chores, etc.


Starting next week we have some big tasks ahead of us. First of all we need to get an accurate count of all the pheasants, huns and chukars on the farm. We need the count both for our financial statement and because we want to know how many birds escaped due to the collapse of the pens – we have commitments to our customers and we want to verify we have the birds to fulfill our orders. The other task facing us is to get back up to speed in selecting our breeder flock. Due to the storm(s), our breeder selection crew has spent most of their working hours the last three weeks working with the pen crew on get the pens cleared of snow and ice and catching the escaped pheasants. Now we are weeks behind in breeder selection.

We have started seeing more chick orders coming in, and I feel more positive that we can have a good chick selling season. I just want to see the breeder flock placed and ready.

Our signups for our March Pheasant Management Seminar surged this past week – we even had two people from Israel sign up! We have ten registrants from the U.K. too. The seminar is only nine weeks away.

Hopefully the next few weeks will bring some real resolution here. We’ll know how many birds we have (and therefore have a handle on how many escaped), we’ll get up to speed on breeder selection, we’re mailing out our chick price list this coming week and we’ll be able to see where we stand on chick orders and we’ll be able to see if the seminar attendance is up to our expectations.

It’s a new year, a new outlook and an exciting time.

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