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30 Steps to Chick Barn Maintenance

On July 5, 2018 in Breeders by MacFarlane Staff

If you want to raise healthy chicks, every function in the barns where they are raised must be in excellent operating condition. Barn maintenance is the first step in preparing for the chick season. MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. employees go through the barns carefully each season to prepare for the chick season. Listed below are 30 steps they take during this process. 

1.     All air inlets are working properly

2.     Phason working properly (brand name of temperature control box)

3.     Fans all working properly including timers and belts

4.     All shutters working properly and repairs made

5.     Barn structurally sound, including roof

6.     Door between Room A and B working well and securely

7.     All doors to the barn working well and securely

8.     Garage door is sealed for air and light

9.     Interior walls sealed and air tight

10.  Water lines in perfect condition

11.  Water pressure gauges and reducers working (reducers maintain precise water pressure)

12.  Check for leaks in Boot Room plumbing (boot rooms are used by all employees to disinfect boots before entering the barns)

13.  Gas shut off valves working in all rooms

14.  Gas regulators working in all rooms

15.  LB White working properly (brand name of heat source used in barns)

16.  Feed system functioning perfectly (nothing broken or bent)

17.  Feed hopper system working properly

18.  Check hopper chains and quick connect

19.  All hoppers labeled

20.  All hoppers labeled for easy bucket filling

21.  Hopper covers in place

22.  Chain drive systems greased and moving freely

23.  All light bulbs and fixtures repaired

24.  Breakers labeled properly

25.  Unnecessary sensors removed

26.  Feed bin and boot greased

27.  Check for feed leaks from bin

28.  Check for moisture in bin

29.  Make sure bin lid opens and closes properly and is secure

30.  Check flex auger from bin to barn for feed spillage 

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30 Steps to Chick Barn Maintenance

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