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Meet the MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc Staff

Since our farm was established in 1929 there have been several styles of management. The current form allows us to be able to produce a large amount of pheasants and other gamebirds with superior quality and consistency.

Each area is supervised closely by managers who are experts in their fields. Each of these areas works closely together to ensure a quality end product. The products are then sold by our friendly and helpful sales department. In our sales department there are specialists in each area; however, each representative is trained to help and assist our customers in all aspects of their order.

Below is a list of those who can help and assist you in your area of need. For staff contact information, please visit the staff directory page.

William MacFarlane Owner/PresidentWilliam MacFarlane


I grew up working on our pheasant farm. After high school, I left Janesville to go to college at the University of Houston. After graduating in 1979 with a degree in Economics, I returned home to run the farm with my father, Don. I was born when my father was 51 years old, so when I returned from college, my dad was in his mid 70's. One of the first things my father did after I returned home was to incorporate the business. My father passed away in 1985, and I continued to manage the farm.

I enjoy the many opportunities that owning MacFarlane Pheasants provides me. My daily efforts at the farm are concentrated on long range planning, marketing, and keeping the farm profitable. I am an active member of organizations that focus on securing the future of our business, such as Bird Shippers of America (BSA), the North American Gamebird Association (NAGA), and the Wisconsin Game Preserve Association (WGPA). Outside of work, I participate in community volunteer projects such as United Way and Meals on Wheels. I also enjoy traveling, playing poker, and spending time with friends and family.

My wife Dori and I enjoy traveling and our children. She is a third grade teacher at Jackson Elementary School in Janesville . I have a daughter Dana and Dori has four children Sarah (with daughter Zella), Maria, Emma and Micah.


Sarah Pope

Chick & Dressed Sales

Hi, my name is Sarah Pope.  I am the Chick Sales Coordinator at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.  My duties include selling day-old chicks, processing the sales orders, and arranging the proper transportation for the chicks to guarantee live delivery.  My position is exciting and everyday is different.  After the completion of chick season, I will assist Char with the mature birds.

I grew up in Clinton, Wisconsin, and come from an agricultural background.  I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse with a B.S. in Political Science.  When I am not busy at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and dog, traveling, and boating.


Char Debroux

Mature Bird Sales

Hi, my name is Char Debroux. I started back in June of '93 through a business co-op class in high school. In '98, I was placed as the mature sales coordinator. My duties include issuing price quotes, confirming orders for the season, scheduling the deliveries and any paperwork that goes along with it.

During the spring and summer months, the mature department slows down a bit which is when I assist the Chick Sales Coordinator. Regardless, I am always available for any questions regarding full grown birds.


Tina Omelian

Office Assistant


Troy Cisewski

Brooder Manager

My name is Troy Cisewski. I joined MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. in August of 2008 as the Brooder Supervisor.

I oversee all of the pheasant chicks up to 6 wks of age and Chukars through maturity until shipment.

I graduated in 1999 from UW-River Falls with a major in Animal Science and have spent the last 8 years working throughout the United States in the swine industry.

 I look forward to the challenges that will come with the chick season.


Brad Lillie


My name is Brad Lillie. I joined MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. in February of 2004 as the Assistant Chick Propagation Coordinator. In this role I act as the liaison between the sales staff and the hatchery to keep us all moving in the right direction. I also oversee the Food Products Division, and work with the genetic development of the white pheasants.

In 1996, I graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from West Virginia University. After college, I joined a large primary poultry breeder in upstate New York as a research coordinator. During this time I began working on my master's degree at night, and in December 2002 graduated from Syracuse University with an MBA in marketing management.

I grew up and lived most of my life in upstate New York, so moving to Wisconsin was a big step for my wife and I. So far things have been great, and I've enjoyed the challenges for MacFarlane Pheasants.


Chris Theisen

Production Manager

My name is Chris Theisen and I am the Production Manager for MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. I have been working for the company since 1998. I oversee all aspects of bird production, including maintenance, transportation, and general farm operations.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a double major in Wildlife Management and Biology.

In my spare time, I enjoy numerous outdoor activities, with hunting and fishing topping the list.



Ben Lawton

Hatchery Manager

Hi, my name is Ben Lawton. I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a degree in Poultry Science with a Natural Resources emphasis.

I have been employed with MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. since 1986 as the hatchery manager/breeder selection coordinator.


Brian Check

Assistant Hatchery Manager

Hello, I'm Brian Check. I currently am the Assistant Hatchery Manager, overseeing daily care of the flock as well as egg collection, sanitation and storage. I joined MacFarlane Pheasants in the fall of 1998 and have worked in the Pen department as well as the Brooding Supervisor in this time.

I earned a B.S in Wildlife Management and Biology in 1996 from UW-Stevens Point. After wards I spent 3 years as a field research biologist for the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in Jamestown ND.

I currently volunteer as Chairman for the local chapter of The Wisconsin Waterfowl Association working on improving habitat for wildlife in Wisconsin. I enjoy the outdoors as well as spending time with my extended family and friends.


Brian Klein

Pen Manager

My name is Brian Klein. I joined MacFarlane Pheasants in 2002 as a wildlife technician, and became the Pen Manager in 2003. My responsibilities include; raising the pheasants from 7 weeks of age until they are shipped, coordinating the catching and shipping crews, and insuring daily tasks are completed in the flight pen operation.

I graduated from UW-Stevens Point with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management. I grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin along good old Lake Michigan, but have lived in the Janesville area for over 10 years. I am married with two daughters Emily & Ellie.

My hobbies include salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, hunting for just about anything (especially spring turkeys) and ice fishing. To say I like being outdoors would be an understatement.


Art Schumacher

Transportation/Maintenance Manager

My name is Art Schumacher and I manage the maintenance and transportation departments at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. I have been with MacFarlane Pheasants for 2 years.

I brought with me 28 years of logistics experience from my previous employer.

I was born and raised in Janesville, WI and have enjoyed this wonderful community. My wife Pam is a school social worker. We have four children. Two kids have graduated from college and two are currently attending college. I love to fish, golf, bike and rollerblade.


Bryan Carter

Food Products Division Manager

Hi, my name is Bryan Carter. I joined the MacFarlane Pheasant team in 2002, and have recently become the manager of the Food Products Division. I was born and raised in Beloit, WI, about 15 miles south of the farm. During high school, I spent a year in Campinas, Brazil before graduating in 1993.

I learned meat cutting from a Master Butcher in Beloit and then purchased that butcher shop a few years later. I attended Blackhawk Technical College focusing on the following programs: Marketing, Leadership skills, Restaurant Management, and other supervisory programs. I am certified in HACCP training, Food Manager Program, and the Illinois Safety Sanitation Program.

In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing, target shooting, disc golf, biking, metal detecting, being active in church and spending time with my family.

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